Direct Cremation

We also offer affordable Direct Cremation services. Some families chose this type of service out of personal preference, and others out of a financial need, in either case, we work hard to keep the cost of our direct cremation low, and promise the same service and personal attention we give to all families.

STARTING AT: $1995.00

Direct Cremation Information

If you or a loved one is interested in Direct Cremation and would like more information, please contact us by phone or email. Please note, no out of town solicitor or salesperson will call or send information.

Total Charge of All Inclusive Direct Cremation $ 1995.00 Includes:

► Basic Service Charge of Funeral Director, Staff & Overhead

  • Includes arrangement conference with licensed funeral director, filing of all necessary paperwork including Social Security Form, Death Certificate, Cremation Authorization Form, VA Benefit Applications, help with Obituary and Memorial Donations

► Removal from place of passing

► Transfer of deceased to crematory

► Alternative Cardboard Cremation Container (Required by crematory)

► Standard Crematory Fee

► Medical Examiner Permit Fee

► Filing of Death Certificate

  • Additional County Clerk fee for certified copies

► Michigan Sales Tax

► Free posting of Obituary on our website

► Optional Half Hour Private Immediate Family Viewing ( Director consent and signed waiver required)

  •  Additional $300 Other Preparation of the Body Fee
  • Embalming required for viewing after Autopsy or Gift of Life

► Person Of Size (350 lbs.) Additional $203 Fee

Michigan Direct Cremation Useful Information

Michigan State Law requires that three documents be signed before any cremation can take place; a Cremation authorization, Death certificate, and Medical Examiner’s Permit (authorizing cremation).

Neither a Casket nor Embalming is required by law for direct cremation. However, the crematory does require an alternative container to be used for the cremation process. This container is included in the cost of our direct cremation fee.

In the state of Michigan, it is against the law for a funeral home to own or operate a crematory. All Michigan funeral homes must use a third-party business for cremation. Joldersma & Klein has used Central Michigan Crematory in Battle Creek for decades and has a long-established relationship of trust and respect with their firm.

You are not required to bury cremated remains, however, should you choose to, certain cemeteries do require the use of an urn and/or Urn Vault.


Can I see my loved one before he or she is cremated?

► Yes- Many families choose to have a visitation and/or a funeral service with their loved ones present, prior to the cremation process (embalming required).

► When possible, Joldersma & Klein offers its Direct Cremation Families, a private immediate family only, ½ hour viewing (waiver required) prior to the funeral arrangement process at the funeral home. (Contact Funeral Home for Questions)

(Please note that our Direct Cremation Fee does NOT include an obituary, rites or services, and certified copies of a death certificate.)