Responsible Planning Program For All Funeral Services

We believe in the value of planning. Our Responsible Planing Program was developed to help ease the difficulties for families and their loved ones as they prepare for life’s hardest moments.

What is Responsible Planning All About

Responsible Funeral Planning is a wise decision which involves arranging funeral services before the time of need. Having your service pre-planned alleviates decision making, financial burdens, and worries such as “I hope this is what Mom or Dad would have wanted,” or “what happens now.” It involves getting input, filling out and obtaining necessary documents ahead of time, obituary preparation, selecting services, and planning for the aftercare of your family and estate.

Benefits of Pre-Planning:

► Removes the financial burden placed on one’s survivors

► Peace of mind knowing your wishes have been recorded

► Relieves stressful decisions that must be made my next-of-kin because you have already made the decisions

► Guaranteed Protection from Cost Inflation with paid-in-full pre-arrangement.


A Few Important Things to Think About:

► Type of Service you would like (i.e. Traditional Burial or Cremation)

► Religious vs. Celebratory Service (or both)

► Location of Service

► Location of Burial (Do you own cemetery plots?)

► Would you like a visitation?

► Participants in your funeral

► What is your budget?

► Is there anything else you would like to share with your funeral director?


How We Begin:
We would like to begin by taking the time to get to know you and your family. You may contact us by phone, email, or by filling out the form below. Though the first step in any journey is the most difficult, it is also the most important…take it today!

Our Funeral Services

Joldersma & Klein Pricing List

Below are PDF packages with pricing to assist you:

Financial Issues

We are not salesmen. It is important to us that you are comfortable with the final cost of your funeral service. Our goal is to find a service that fulfills all your wishes while staying within a budget.

Responsible Planning Pre-Payment Options Include:

► Payment in full at time of arrangements with a Guaranteed Contract

► Time payment with a Guaranteed Contract

► Time payment with a non-Guaranteed Contract

Pre-Arrangements are transferrable from other funeral homes…please contact us for more information.

Responsible Planning Quick Contact Form