Our History

  • 1913

    Founded by Edward and Anna (Gilman) Joldersma

    Horse Drawn Coach

    1913 – Founded by Edward and Anna (Gilman) Joldersma at 923 East Main Street.  

  • 1914

    Funeral home relocated to 221 Portage Street

    1914 - Funeral home relocated to 221 Portage Street and the name became Joldersma & Gilman Chapel. Later, Edward suffered a severe accident.

  • 1917

    Anna Joldersma obtains her Mortuary Science License

    Anna Klein1917 – Anna Joldersma obtains her Mortuary Science License and becomes one of Michigan’s first female funeral directors.

  • 1923

    Anna relocates funeral home

    Henrietta and Lovell Street1923 - Anna relocates funeral home to a large mansion on corner of Henrietta and Lovell Streets.

  • 1925

    Edward Joldersma Dies

    E. Joldersma

    1925 – Edward Joldersma dies as a result of his accident.

  • 1926

    Anna Joldersma Marries Paul C. Klein

    P. Klein

    1926 – Anna Joldersma married Paul C. Klein who was also a licensed funeral director and the firm became known as Joldersma and Klein Company 

  • 1949

    New building being built

    South St and Westnedge Ave

    1949 – As a new funeral home is being built the business operates in a building on the corner of South St. and Westnedge Ave. 

  • 1950

    Joldersma & Klein Funeral Home Opens

    1950- Joldersma and Klein Funeral Home opens in its current location at 917 S. Burdick Street. In addition, a daughter, Arlene J. Van Dyken and son-in-law, Marvin J. Clark also become active in the business. (Photo/s)

  • 1980

    Firm sold to Jerry L. Oele

    1980 – The firm was sold to Jerry L. Oele who remained its sole owner for 28 years. Jerry is still very active in the day to day operations of the funeral home on a part-time basis, and is an active member of his church and of the community. 

  • 1988

    Joldersma & Klein Expand

    1988 – Joldersma and Klein, becomes the owner of the records and pre-need contracts of the former Wager and Clark Chapel, a Kalamazoo funeral home from 1884 to 1988.

  • 2009-Present

    Joldersma & Klein Purchased by Brothers Dan & Gabe Adams

    Joldersma and Klein Building

    2009 to Present – Joldersma and Klein is purchased by brothers Dan and Gabe Adams. Dan, his wife Kylee and children live above the funeral home, together with their great staff, they carry on a tradition of affordable funeral services, and serving families as they would want theirs served!