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February 26, 1961 - April 3, 2021

The family is planning a party of life to be held at later date. Memorial contributions may be made Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes, c/o the funeral home.

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CUZ You was one of only a few boy cousins I had that was the same age as me. We always use to dream of going hunting and fishing together but never had the chance to bcuz both our Dad's left our Mama's about the same time and we never had the chance to be close brother-cousins like our two oldest brother's had the chance to in there younger years growing up together. We was alot a like even had the same kind of gentle hearts and liked the same beautiful woman at the same time and You eventually married her LOL... Remember all the nights running around in the yard at your house or mine playing cowboys and Indians loving on our hunting dog's one thing for sure our Dad's had some nice Beagles year's ago. I remember playing around the pond down from my house and we use to go sledding down the hill on our dirt road 24 th. Street in Mattawan and then visiting you one cold winter evening when y'all lived on that BIG Hill near the gravel pit. Remember when You Billy and I grabbed your Big Wooden Toboggan one evening and walked a mile it seemed to go sledding down that Great Big Hill across the street from your house. That evening You and I hopped onto the toboggan and with Billy pushing us as fast as he could then You and I using are hands on both sides of the toboggan to help make us go faster then finally Billy jumped on the Toboggan with US and soon we started gaining lots of speed we was flying so fast laughing and laughing having so much fun until we all realized there's NO STEERING this Toboggan... We must of been going 100 mph (to us kids it seemed any how) down that BIG Long Slopping Hill and was having all kids of fun going faster and faster going in between all those tree's until we hit that Big Tree that just had to jump out in front of us and we three went every which way You ended up on a tree limb about five feet off the ground and my right foot got caught in the V of two limb's with my head hanging a few inches off the ground and brother Billy still rolling down the Big Hill until he went head on with another BIG OLD Fat Tree and got knocked out for a few seconds. Well then after a few long minutes it seemed of trying to figuring out what we had to do You jumped down from the tree limb You was on and You started pulling up on my leg as I pushed up with my arm's to get my foot out from between the two tree limbs then after getting me off the tree we slowly made our way down the hill to check on brother Billy who by then was setting up with blood dripping down his face and then we all started laughing so much we was crying. Well we wanted to do it again as most boys would want to but it was getting dark fast when we finally found the toboggan way down at the bottom of the Big Hill it was totaled from running into that BIG Tree that You and I was stuck in for a few minutes. So finally after talking and laughing about what happened to each other and the fun we had we decided it's time to start walking back to your house slowly in the dark woods then crossing the dirt road having a good time and laughing and talking about the next time we will bring our sled's and have a race down the Big Hill us three side by side what a great idea we all agreed. Then as we made our way to your house we could hear our two Mama's hollering for us three boy's saying get your butt's home now Ernest Billy Joe and Dustin when you get home you boy's are in big trouble. (We did not tell our Mama's we was going sledding) Well we made it home safely and after that our butt's hurt for day's it seems and my ear also hurt from my Mama grabbing it and pulling me by one ear and Billy by his one ear all the way up the driveway into your house. Mama was always good at getting a hold of those big ears of mine when I'd done something wrong LOL... One really good thing came out of that hide tanning we three boy's received that cold winter night (when You and I was about nine year's old) It was that we had so much fun together and we conquered that BIG OLD HILL us three cousins together and lived to tell others about the fun we had and of course the fun memories we would have with in us the rest of our lives... Oh to be nine year's old together again cuz... After that fun cold winter night we never again had a chance to have fun talk and do things only boy cousins do together like when we was at the Clippinger Masten Family Reunion's or our Mama's visiting each other. And bcuz our Dad's left our Mama's life changed in a BIG WAY for You and I. We never had a chance to be kid cousin's anymore like the are older brother's and sister's had together with our Dad's nor did we ever have a chance to go Duck Pheasant Bunny and Deer hunting together with our Dad's like Don Jr and Steve did when they turned 13-14 year's old. But ONE THING for sure WE TWO cousin's have had and that's many BLESSINGS over the year's that other's wished they had just a small part of what we have received from our Father God in Heaven isn't that so right brother-cuz.. I will as I always have since we was young cousins growing up together keep those fun happy memories alive in my mind and heart until we get to see each other in Heaven again CUZ... I Love You All your always in my prayers... From your cousin. Dustin (Dudder) & Tamie

Posted by Dustin Sirrine on June 21, 2021

What can I say? Bro! Loving, kind, understanding my evil twin. I will remember flying kites and you getting mad and throwing a rock and hitting me in the head and crying more than me. Helping me out my bedroom window and giving me your last $3.00 when I was leaving home to go see Danny in Fresno which I never made it to. Just things we did as kids together Hanging out in the graveyard across from Galesburg Speedway With friends we had at the track. I could go on for days. Good memories I will hold dear. I Love and will always be missing that smile, your voice, but I know you are a big part of my heart, there you will always be. Miss you so much already. Love ya Bro!

Posted by Anita Leversee on April 5, 2021

Farewell my old friend, may you rest in peace. To your family and friends may peace be with you all. Save a spot for all of us brother. Rick

Posted by Rick Beebe on April 5, 2021