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A casket, by definition, is a box or chest designed to hold a precious object.

There is a difference between a coffin and a casket. A coffin is tapered at the shoulder with a removable lid. A casket is rectangular in shape and has a hinged lid. Coffins are used widely in Europe.

Caskets are made of a variety of materials. These variants are what make the cost of them vary. Some are made of woods like oak, cherry, maple and mahogany. Others are made of steel, 20-gauge, 18-gauge and 16-gauge. Still others are made of semi-precious metals, copper or bronze.

Some have stationary handles and others have swing bars which pall-bearers can hold to carry the casket. Some caskets have ornate hardware, and others have more of an urn shape to them. Some interiors are made of crepe and others of velvet. 

There are some misconceptions about caskets. Funeral directors don’t measure people to see what size casket they will need. Generally speaking caskets are all pretty much the same size. The only exception to this would be caskets that are wider and are designed to contain individuals who are larger. Most people are able to be buried in standard size caskets.

Another misconception about caskets is that one can select the color of the interior as well as the outer shell. Caskets pretty much come as they are from the manufacturer, with standard fabrics and colors on the interior, which are matched by the manufacturer to compliment the exterior shell.

Still another misconception about caskets is that they are required for all types of services. No casket is required for the service of direct cremation.

Caskets are available in sealing and non-sealing designs. This sealing feature, although designed to protect the body, does not prevent it from deteriorating.

At Joldersma & Klein we strive to keep casket costs low and within the reach of the families we serve. 

During former days, funeral homes dedicated a room to casket selection.  It often had around 20 units in it and took up a lot of funeral home space.  We show caskets on our virtual kiosk. The caskets we have can be delivered to us on short notice from a local supplier. Having no inventory cost assists us in keeping our prices down. Most families consider selecting a casket from a kiosk a less emotional method of casket selection.

We are very transparent. If you would like to see our casket selections in the privacy of your own home, you are welcome to do so on our kiosk at www. or visit us in person.

As always, you are welcome to ask us any questions you may have.