Locally Owned and Family Operated Funeral Homes

Joldersma and Klein Building

As the population ages a growing number of American funeral homes are being purchased by out-of-town entities.  Often these entities are large corporations. In other instances, they are being purchased by capital venture investors.

We believe there is an advantage to using a locally-owned, family-operated funeral home.

Generally speaking, corporate-owned funeral homes are more expensive. Corporate-owned funeral homes need to answer to investors and shareholders, who usually do no live locally and who want to see profitable returns on their investment. Monthly, quarterly and annual quotas are often calculated into business plans.

These funeral homes usually use high pressure sales tactics, to convince you to purchase merchandise or services that you may not wish or need to have.

Locally-owned and family-operated funeral homes have their roots in the community and can focus on the quality of care for the grieving family, and personal service at a fair and reasonable price. Our families mean everything to us. We are grateful for every family that calls us for assistance.

Owners of locally owned and family-operated funeral homes usually live locally. In our case, Dan and Ky Adams have a residence right here in the funeral home. Our employees are all local folks, who live here, worship here, send their kids to school here, shop here and of course, go to work each day here. We are a part of the fabric of our community. We understand the culture, lifestyle and values of Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo is our home and each member of our staff has a vested interest in every family we serve. For us, it’s not about the bottom line and our families are never “just a number.” We see everyone we serve as our neighbor and as valued members of our community.

At the end of the day, we have only one asset – our reputation. We pledge to fulfill the needs and wishes of every family we serve with sincerity, care and compassion.

It is important as the phenomenon of corporate-owned funeral homes becomes more popular, that you know who are dealing with when you engage with a funeral service provider. Ask if the funeral home is owned by a local family or by an out-of-town entity. Ask if the owner is on-site and if they would be available to speak with you.

We are always available if you have questions.

Joldersma & Klein. Still family-owned – still treating your like family.