When a person dies the funeral home needs to take the decedent into their care. Taking the decedent from the place of death to the funeral home is often referred to as the “transfer” or in the past it has been known as the “removal.”

We pride ourselves in having an excellent transfer team.  When a loved one dies, only an employee of Joldersma & Klein will be present to transfer your loved one into our care.

Many other firms utilize a third-party organization to do this work for them. After a death, family members wonder about private family viewings, what will happen next and what they should do in the ensuing hours. 

As employees of the funeral home, our transfer team can answer these questions and even in some instances discuss basic plans, or, set a time for the family to come in for their arrangement conference.

The associates we use for this work are highly trained and are hired not only for their physical strength, but for their capacity to be kind and understanding with families at this most difficult time.

It seems logical that when someone comes to your home, or to a nursing home or care facility to take the body of your loved one to a funeral home, that you would want someone with a degree of empathy and understanding to perform this task.

With Joldersma & Klein, families often see owners of the funeral home or management team members performing this important task.

It may seem like a small item, and something not often given consideration to, but we think it is something that sets us apart from our competitors – and we thought you should know.