Transferring Your Plan

Presentaion of General Price List

Many people are transferring their prearranged funeral or cremation plan from the funeral home they purchased it from to our funeral home. We are grateful for the confidence these families have in us.

Transferring is simple. We just need to see the plan you have and we can get all the paperwork completed for you.

Michigan law provides that prearranged funeral contracts may be transferred from one funeral home to another prior to death, upon the request of the person or persons entitled to make funeral arrangements.

With an insurance product, you may transfer the assignment of the proceeds of the policy to another funeral home, at any time prior to the first funeral home rendering the services included in the contract, or you can wait until the time of death and assign it at that time.

If the contract has been made irrevocable and the beneficiary of the contract has been receiving Medicaid assistance, it is still possible to transfer your plan. If the contract was made irrevocable but Medicaid has not been used, you may receive a refund for any unused portion of the contract.

If the funeral home you purchased your plan from used a trust product to fund your plan, all we need to complete is a provider change form.

This may be somewhat confusing to you, so the best thing to do would be for us to review your current plan with you. If we feel it would be in your best to keep it, we will be honest with you about that. If we think it would be of greater benefit for you to transfer it, we can help you with that.

The State of Michigan has this set up better than any other state. Prearrangements laws are all designed to protect the consumer here.

If you have a prearranged plan from a firm that has been sold to another entity, you can transfer it. If you think you may have paid too much, you can transfer it.  If you like our fair prices and quality service, you can transfer it. If you feel like you were pressured into buying something more than you wanted or needed, you can transfer it. The plan is yours and you may do with it as you wish.

Honest answers with a no-pressure guarantee have been a part of who we are since 1913!