Do You Have a Funeral Representative?

In planning for one’s final affairs, people often appoint a Power of Attorney. Unfortunately, Power of Attorney ceases at death. This often leaves people who think they have the authority to act on someone’s behalf powerless.

The State of Michigan has made it possible for individuals to appoint a “Personal Funeral Representative” to make decisions regarding their funeral, cremation and final resting place plans.

Rather than limiting these decisions to a surviving spouse or next of kin, this provision allows you to name anyone over the age of 18 as your Funeral Representative. It also allows you to name a Successor Funeral Representative, in the event the first person you have named is not available or has predeceased you.

The Funeral Representative has the right and power to make decisions about funeral arrangements and the handling of disposition or disinterment of the decedent’s body, including but not limited to decisions regarding cremation, and the right to possess the cremated remains of the decedent.

In being appointed to this role the Funeral Representative must acknowledge their acceptance of responsibility. This role is only effective after death and cannot be transferred to another individual by the designated representative.

In situations where there is limited or no family, having someone named is very helpful, especially for those selecting cremation.

Michigan law requires that a majority of relatives of equal kinship authorize a cremation. Having a Funeral Representative appointed alleviates this burden and allows one person, appointed by the decedent to act on his/her behalf.

We would be pleased to speak with you about this form. We can help you complete it and place a notarized copy in our files so it is easily located at the time of your death.

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