Obituary Notices

Obituaries are notices placed by surviving family members to advise other family members and friends of a death.

Historically, these notices have been placed in the newspaper.  In more recent years, obituary notices have been appearing online and funeral home websites. 

Obituaries not only announce a death but they also give tribute to a person’s life by telling some things about them. Some families choose to tell their loved one’s entire life story, while others mention highlights of the life that was lived, and still others just share some memories they have that will stay alive in their hearts and minds.

It will review who survives the person who has died and who from their family has preceded them in death.

Obituaries also announce the service time, date and place. They also give the family a platform to announce where memorial contributions can be sent.

Some people say, “I don’t want to have an obituary.” When someone chooses not to have their death announced, family members are required to rehearse the news of the death orally time after time. The publication of a death in an obituary is a much easier way to tell people of a death.

At Joldersma & Klein, we will assist you in composing an obituary. We will place it, along with a photograph, on our website at no additional charge. 

From our website, obituary notices can be easily shared on social media, Facebook and Twitter. Many families share their obituaries with other family members and friends this way.

We will also place it for you in any newspaper you wish for us to submit it to. Each newspaper has its own fees for obituary notices. These fees are often determined by the length of the obituary. Some small-town newspapers have a flat fee for obituaries.  You should consult with your funeral director to determine these fees. 

The electronic edition of some papers is also an option. Most often this is just a flat fee submission as well.

Every family approaches this differently. We encourage you to discuss what is right for you with us. We will help you. That’s why we’re here!