Some Things You May Not Know About Cremation

Have you noticed that more and more people are choosing to be cremated rather than buried?  Here is some information about that to confirm your observations.

Cremation data usually runs about 2 years in arrears. The cremation rate in the United State in 2017 was 54%, but expected to rise to 79.1% by 2035. The cremation rate in the State of Michigan is about 59%, just slightly higher than the national figure.

More people are choosing cremation for a variety of reasons. These reasons include cost. Most funeral homes offer a package for direct cremation, which reflects a discount. It often offers price less than the Basic Service charge of the funeral home.

Another reason for the rise in cremation is due to the breakdown of the family unit. Many people decide that since there is an unharmonious situation in their family, there is no use trying to have a meaningful remembrance of a loved one.

Also, more religious organizations are finding acceptance of cremation. The practice of cremation has its roots in pagan religions. Over the past several decades more liberal religious groups have accepted it as practice and more recently evangelical groups have also come to accept it. Direct cremation with no services is more popular due to a wider number of people claiming no religious affiliation.

Cremation costs vary. Funeral homes with large facilities and staff have huge overhead and require a larger price tag for cremations. 

We intentionally keep our overhead low so that we can provide the best in service to you, while providing you with a fair and reasonable price.

Our service of direct cremation is $1995.

We also offer cremation with memorial services, and a traditional cremation package which features cremation at the conclusion of  what has appeared to be a traditional funeral.

We would be pleased to speak with you if you are considering cremation. We can show you all the options available, and as always, without any pressure and without using any sales tactics.

Feel free to call us to set up a time to visit.