When selecting cremation, many families ask us if they must buy an urn. 

Urns are not required by law. 

The purchase of an urn is a decision each family can make on their own, however it may be dictated by the families plans for the cremated remains.

Urns are made of wood, metal and marble. 

The urn gives a handsome, dignified appearance and gives a nice presentation of the cremated remains if they are being displayed at a memorial service or visitation. It is also functional in providing a safe container in which to keep cremated remains.

Some cemeteries require an urn. Usually, the urn requirements include standards for pressure per square inch. Requirements may also include that urns be made of a certain material. Or a certain appearance may be required if it is going to be in a glass front niche. 

If an urn is made of wood or some metals, you may consider a cremation burial vault to place it in. 

The cremated remains are returned to us in a black plastic box. Some families find this suitable. Other families wish to have something more substantial. 

Some urns have designs on them which might refer to the memory of the person who has died. This can be a fitting way to pay tribute to them.

We are not a sales organization. We never wish to sell you anything you do not want or do not need. 

Please feel free to speak with us about our urn selection.